A data base of the testimonies from
Jews of Greece who survived the Shoah

The base has collected, for the first time, data from 1551 visual and oral testimonies of 1090 Jews of Greece who survived the Holocaust. These testimonies were collected at different times, in a variety of languages and places, and are now located in organized archives or private collections in Greece, Europe, the United States and Israel. Recordings of the voices of the survivors rescue the witnesses from anonymity and are, in themselves, a “living monument” to the Shoah. The present data base gathers these scattered testimonies, transfers them to files and puts them together in a unified corpus. They are a guide to a “virtual archive” which is offered to the academic community and to any interested party.

Thessaloniki, April 1943: transfer of Jews to the Baron Hirsch ghetto

One of the survivors

Born: Thessaloniki, 1919

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